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Leak Detection in Cape Town

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‘We have done over 10,000 Leak Detections to date and are market leaders in this field.’

leak detection cape town website

We use a variety of electronic Leak Detection equipment to locate the source of your problem. Depending on where you leak is and the symptoms, this will determine what type of equipment we will use.

We have commercial robust Leak Detection equipment that can be used in any application, be it Commercial or Residential.


Are You Experiencing These Leak Related Problems?

  • High Water Bills
  • Dampness on a wall
  • Lifting tiles
  • Lifting of wooden flooring
  • Paint bubbling
  • Black mould
  • Sewer smell
  • Unusually high losses of water in your swimming pool

These are the tell tale signs that you have a leak and need a Leak Detection done.

Tips on How to Detect a Leak in Cape Town Before it Breaks Your Bank

The cost of water is constantly increasing, so as a home or business owner who wants to be able to save wherever possible, a simple yet often neglected maintenance task of cape leak detection could often become one of the most expensive maintenance tasks you will perform.  We understand that not everyone has the knowledge on how to detect a leak in Cape Town, so we have prepared a few simple step by step tips to assist you with your cape leak detection process, once you have this you will be able to contact your nearest specialist for leak detection in cape town and inform them of the steps you have taken.

Checking your Geyser

Although most Geysers are located in the roof of your home or office, it is possible that the pressure relief valve could develop a water leak detection in Cape Town.  Make it a regular task to get up into the roof and check the pressure relief valve, sometimes the pressure relief valve is actually situated directly into a drain, if you are not able to remove the drain pipe then listen for a hissing sound as this would indicate that there is a leak on the valve.  Pressure relief valves which have a leak often go undetected, either because they are situated in a drain so there is no build up of water or because it is a small leak and it takes a long time, sometimes months, for the water to build up and cause damage like mould on the ceiling.  Checking your pressure relief valve on a regular basis will save you time and money in the long run.

Youtube Vid: Leaking Detection System Introduction

Check the Toilets

In your home or office check all the toilets for any possible leaks by removing the cover off the cistern and listening closely for any hissing sound.  If you do hear any hissing sound, then look for where the leak is so that when you call your leak detection services and you can tell them where you found the leak.  If you do not hear any hissing sound or you hear a hissing sound but cannot detect a leak in Cape Town on the pipes then put some food coloring into the tank and wait a few minutes, if the water in the bowl starts to change color then you have a Cape leak detection on the flapper at the bottom of the tank.  Remember to repeat the process on all the toilets in your home or office before you call your water leak detection services in Cape Town so that you can tell them exactly how many troublesome toilets you have.

Check the Meter Line

Once you have determined that you have no water leaks on the geyser pressure relief valve and the toilets on your property you need to make sure that the meter line is not faulty.  Although this may sound like a difficult task, it is easy to do and can save you lots of money when you call your plumber. The easiest way to detect a leak in Cape Town on your meter line is to locate your shut off valve for the line and shut off all water supply to the home or office temporarily then check to see if the dial on the top of the meter continues to move, you might have to remove some dirt or grass over the top of the dial before being able to see it clearly.

Youtbe Vid: Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

If the dial on the meter does still turn then you have water leak detection between the meter and the home or office, so now you would need to detect a leak by looking for abnormalities in the ground surface between the meter and the pipe going into the property.  To detect a leak below the surface you need to look carefully for soft soil or muddy areas or grass that is greener than the rest of your garden or growing faster than other areas of the garden.  Once you have spotted where this area is you can phone your plumbing leak detection service provider and when he gets to your property you can show him the exact area which is abnormal to the rest of your property.  If the meter no longer moves once you have turned off the shut off valve then you could possibly have a leak in the house, if you have followed all the steps to detect a leak inside and outside then you do not have to worry about leak detection Cape Town this month.

Check the Hose Bibs

Hose bibs are the pipes which you hook your hoses to, most properties have two hose bibs, one in front and one at the back, there could be more though so make sure that you know where all the hose bibs for your property are and repeat the steps to water leak detection on each one of them individually.  Once you have located all the hose bibs, start at one hose bib and methodically work your way around all of them testing for a leak.  To test a hose bib you need to have a fairly long screwdriver.  Take the screwdriver and put the metal tip directly onto the metal part of the hose bib, put your thumb knuckle onto the back end of the screwdriver handle and put your head against your thumb knuckle directly in front of your ear.

This process makes the screwdriver act like a stethoscope and all sound will travel directly to your ear drum.  Once you have your knuckle against your head, listen carefully for any sounds, if you hear anything like a hissing or a dripping sound or anything then you should mark the hose bib with a piece of chalk and move onto the next one, if the noise gets any louder at any of the other hose bibs then the leak is closer to the hose bib where the noise is louder.  When you phone your leak detection in Cape Town service provider to inform him that you have a water leak detection Cape Town in your system, and can indicate which hose bib has the loudest sound emitting from it, it will save your plumber time in detecting the leak which in turn saves you money.

detect a leak cape town website

Once you have checked all the hose bibs on your property and have still not been able to detect any leak then you need to move into the house or office and repeat the process on all your taps, shower valves, washers, burst or leaking geysers.  If you have completed the same procedure on all your fittings and still have no indication of where your leak is, it is best you contact a water leakage detection company if you are certain that you do have a leak.

Other areas you should check regularly for any leaks include your hoses, taps, irrigation systems and swimming pool as well as your shower head.  If you get into a routine of regularly doing a round of water leak detection on your home or office property then you will be able to get a leak detection  early and save yourself a lot of trouble with additional water damage or extremely high water bills.  Remember that by protecting yourself as well as narrowing down the exact location of the leak also saves your plumber time in detecting the leak which saves you money on the repair job!

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